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How RagaMuffin Cats are different from Ragdoll Cats

This is a question I am often asked. From the beginning, RagaMuffin breeders have faced the challenge of gaining acceptance for their cats as a distinct breed, despite the common origins with the Ragdolls. The patterns that form such an important part of the Ragdoll standard receive little emphasis from the RagaMuffin breeders. The RagaMuffin breeders accept every color and pattern with or without white, but the differences go deeper than mere color. The RagaMuffin has head shape that is distinct from the Ragdoll. Rather than having a flat plane between the ears, the skull of the Ragamuffin has a slight dome. The RagaMuffin has a shorter nose than the Ragdoll and walnut rather than oval shaped eyes. While the Ragdoll profile exhibits a gentle curve with the final segment being straight, the RagaMuffin standard requires an obvious nose dip and scoop. 

The RagaMuffin cat has a bit more chubby looking face, and slightly tipped forward ears. The walnut shaped eyes, the puffiness of the whisker pads, and the scoop in the nose all give the RagaMuffin cat its characteristic sweet expression. RagaMuffin breeders aim to produce a rounded more heavily boned cat. The RagaMuffin's coat is texturally similar to that of a rabbit and is shorter and thicker than the Ragdoll's medium long silky coat. While both the Ragdoll and the RagaMuffin have the same sweet, affectionate, puppy-like temperament, the RagaMuffin breeders elected to allow certain out crosses to other breeds in order to insure that the gene pool was large enough to provide for the excellent health of the RagaMuffin cat. The use of the out crosses has strengthened the health of the RagaMuffin cat, as well as given the RagaMuffin cat a look that is distinct from the look of the Ragdoll.

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