Our Girls



Broadway Darling's Gracie


Color: Natural Mink & White


Sire: Broadway Darling's Malu

     Dam: Keepsake's Sophie of Broadway Darling


 Gracie loves to play with her Angry Bird bells. She thinks she is a tough tiger. But come night time, she just wants to snuggle up on the couch with us. Gracie is talkative just like her mom Sophie. She watches after the other mothers kittens, and will even play with them.      

ACS_0256 (3).jpg

 Broadway Darling's  Sienna


Color: Cream Mink and White


Sire: Boradway Darling's Fluffy Cloud

Dam: Broadway Darling's Darci


 Sienna is a very smart cat, who loves to play fetch before bed. For some reason she prefers to fetch Werther's Original wrappers. Her favorite spot to sleep is beside our heads. She has a heart of gold, always kind to everyone. Her color is very rare, usually cream colored cats are males. 

ragamuffin cat

                           Broadway Darling's  Darci 


                Color: Seal Point Lynx Tortie & White


           Sire: Keepsake's Malu of Boradway Darling

                   Dam: Keepsake's Sophia Rose 


 When we have company over Darci loves to greet everyone. She likes to teach her kittens how to play with toys. Darci enjoys taking naps on our bed and eating small pieces of strawberries in the summer. Her favorite toy to bring her kittens is a toy squirrel. 

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 Broadway Darling's Nellie  


  Color: Blue Mink & White


Sire: Keepsake's Malu of Broadway Darling

 Dam: Broadway Darling's Noel


 Nellie is a kitten at heart, but is also a wonderful mother. She has to sleep cuddled up next to our feet at night. However we have to leave a night light on, because she is afraid of the dark. Her eyes are very special; one green and one blue.